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Saturday, August 15, 2009

We Got You Covered: "Last Nite"

So clearly I want some new stuff from the Strokes, but as one reader pointed out, I have to wait till February/March...that just feels so long from now.

So, anyway, (or I guess in the meantime) there is this pretty cool cover of "Last Nite" that you can check out from The Detroit Cobras.

Last Nite (cover) by The Detroit Cobras

It doesn't venture too far from the original version, but at the same time, because there is a female singer, it makes for a really nice version while still sticking true to the Strokes rock/edginess. The Detroit Cobras actually are a cover band, but what they usually do is specialize in versions of Motown, soul and ’50s rock and roll standards, played in the garage rock/punk blues style. I guess here that instead of taking Motown music and turning it into garage rock, they just did a little tribute to garage rock.

I think we can all appreciate that :)