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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Breaking Artists: Youthless

Youthless is a new garage/dance duo - and do I mean new - they only formed in January 2009. But they have been getting buzz in London and Lisbon...yes Lisbon.

Formed by Sebastiano "Sab" Ferranti (bass and vocals) and Alex Klimovitsky (drums, vocals, synth) Youthless bang out raw, stripped down garage rock dance hits with ferocious sonic intent.

At the young age of 15, Alex and Sab first met in high school in Lisbon, Portugal. They both shared a love of music and decided to form Three and a Quarter with another mutual friend. That band went on to record an EP (Quality Times) and the LP Chubby Dubby through Long Beach records and tour the U.S. and Europe. But with high school ending, the group decided to have a break while they all went off to college.

Sab went back to England to Loughborough University and Alex went to Wesleyan University. I actually had a chance to talk with Alex, and I'll admit that I'm pretty jealous of him. Why, you may ask? The answer: he essentially went to Wesleyan during what I'd like to call "the golden age" (ironically that's also a title of one of their songs). As Alex puts it
"at Wesleyan I actually got to play and was good friends with a lot of very cool musicians: Greg Rogov who now drums with Devandra Berhardt and plays in Megapuss, Andrew, Ben and Will of MGMT, Simon O'Connor of Amazing Baby, Charlie Looker of Zs, Francis Starlight, the list goes on too, its actually kind of impressive how many bands came out of our school while I was there."
Yeah, now you're jealous too.

After college, the two friends moved back to Portugal, and last January they started Youthless as "a total fluke." Well, that's okay with me!

Youthless started getting noticed in the Portuguese music industry and in London. After they toured in London for a week of concerts they were invited to put out an EP with Optimus' new record label (the record shold be out some time in October), and to play the Alive festival in Lisbon.

Currently Youthless only has some demos (that's right - self-released demos), but they're recording their first single right now for Enchufada records.

Check out their demo for "Golden Age." It's just perfect fuzzed out rock (and there's even a cow bell!)

Golden Age by Youthless

These guys are going to be big, there's no question about that. One of their songs is being used in a "Skins" promo right now on MTV, another one in a TV show on Sic Radical (a Portuguese TV station), and in the surf film "Sound of Waves."

Let's just MTV doen't ruin them, eh? We like them too much!


Anonymous said...

Excellent tune!

Morgan said...

I'm glad you like it! Not only are they great musicians, but they're really great guys too!

Anonymous said...

me too.
great song!