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Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Radiohead Song Leaked!

The web and social networks have lit up in the past few hours on the rumor that a mysterious 'new', or previously unreleased, Radiohead song has been leaked. Apparently, the song appeared on an unofficial Radiohead fan site. The music blog Consequence of Sound has reported that the song, "These Are My Twisted Words," showed up on the message board of the site At Ease earlier today without any explanation.

While there is no confirmation yet that the song is actually Radiohead, the track definitely sounds just like Radiohead. If it isn't, someone has pulled off an elaborate, and believable, hoax.

On some P2P networks, the song is accompanied by a NFO file that contains the following note:
i just wanted to reassure readers
that following representations
seeking confirmation
that before your very eyes
behind the wall of ice
that the box is not under threat
however they are set to remove
other boxes
in fact i have the list in front of me
i went to a briefing on their plans
and challenged them to tell me
exactly what the cost would be
they spoke in broad terms
Could this actually be a clever reaction by the band to reassure fans following the uproar frontman Thom Yorke ignited earlier this month when he said Radiohead may never record another album? Perhaps. If history is any guide, this rumor is going to grow wings really fast.