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About Me

I forget when I’m wearing headphones. Sometimes they’re just covering my ears, music not even on, and it just feels so natural to me that it’s like a continuation of my body. Then again, I forget that my headphones are on when music is playing too. Some sort of song, whether using technology or not, is always playing in my head. It’s something that I can’t turn off, not that I would want to anyway.

I infused music into my life, and somehow it became a necessity along the way. Without music I don’t function anymore. This odd urge to – to almost master music came with the process, and mastery meant more than just learning to play instruments or listening to what’s currently on the radio. It meant listening to what’s been on the radio, what should be on the radio, what should have been on the radio. And now in many ways it has become even more than essential to how I function. Music is how I go back in time – it brings me back to my childhood. It’s how I’m six, nine, ten, sixteen, all over again. It’s how I remember, how I connect myself to my past. My temporal lobe has become a giant G-Clef wrapped in sheet music.

I started Ruined By MTV in November of 2008 when I went to college and joined my school's radio station. It's awesome for me because I get to review a lot of CDs. It's everything from rock to pop to electronica to anything in between. From bands and artists that I have never heard before to releases from my favorite groups.

And the best part? Now I get to share all this wonderfully newfound music with all of you!

So enjoy, leave comments, and hopefully you'll like what you hear.