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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Listen to the new Jay Reatard Album

Well...if you're British that is.

Watch Me Fall doesn't drop until next week (August 18th in the U.S.), but you can hear the whole thing right now on NME. The only problem (for me specificaly) is that if you're from outside the UK you can only hear a 30 second clip of each song.

Better than nothing I guess.

EDIT: I was just listening and it definitely let me listen to the entire song and not just 30 seconds. Cool.

01 It Ain’t Gonna Save Me [mp3]
02 Before I Was Caught
03 Man Of Steel
04 Can’t Do It Anymore
05 Faking It
06 I’m Watching You
07 Wounded
08 Rotten Mind
09 Nothing Now
10 My Reality
11 Hang Them All
12 There Is No Sun